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FAQ about the MOVENDI aligner system
Can I also seek treatment?
There are two possible treatment options:  Simple treatment of malpositioned teeth in the anterior tooth area or treatment of the entire jaw area. Your practice team takes an impression or a scan model of your teeth, MOVENDI measures this impression and clarifies whether and to what extent treatment is possible. Afterwards you will receive an individual offer and a model of your desired smile. However, the treating orthodontist must examine and decide, if and how bridges must be taken into consideration during treatment, because bridges closely join together two or more teeth and thus cause an extensive resistance against the tooth movement. Crowns usually do not have any effect on the treatment with MOVENDI. A number of MOVENDI patients have had treatment with brackets. This can date back to their childhood. With MOVENDI this movement of teeth (the so-called relapse) as well as tooth gaps can usually be reversed in a relatively easy, quick and simple manner.

How long is the treatment time?
Treatment time depends on the extent of the malposition of teeth. In case of minor anterior tooth corrections, the malposition can be treated within a few weeks. In case of severe malpositions, which need to be treated orthodontically, treatment time takes a few months.

How much does it cost?
Costs particularly depend on the severity of the malposition. Depending on how many MOVENDI aligners are required, the lab costs can range from approx. 700 euros up to 2,500 euros. In addition to that, the practice will invoice its fee for the services rendered. However, you will be informed about the total costs in advance by your practice team so that you can make a decision at your leisure. Depending on the type of contract, private health insurances will cover the treatments costs; public health insurances will not cover the costs.

What do I have to pay attention to during treatment?
You have to wear the aligners at least 22 hours per day during treatment. Aligners are only taken out for the purpose of eating and brushing teeth. Each week you change your aligners independently. You can clean the aligners without any problems by using cold water or a tooth brush and tooth paste. Please avoid the consumption of cigarettes, red wine or beverages containing sugar since they reduce the self-cleaning of teeth with saliva. In general: Put the aligners into a glass of water or into your provided box while eating.

What do I do if I lose an aligner?
No problem. Just continue wearing your last aligner and inform your practice.  You will receive a new aligner.

What happens after treatment? What is a retainer?
Retainers are retaining aids. Over time it is possible that corrected teeth can move out of their position. Therefore it makes sense to wear a retainer after each orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth in their end-position. To stabilize the result of the treatment the use of the MOVENDI retainer is highly recommended.

Wearing time of the retainer after treatment:

1st year: daily during the night
2nd year: 3 times a week during the night
from the 3rd year onwards: once a week during the night

Depending on the intensity of use the retainer should be replaced from time to time.

Your team of World Class Orthodontics / MOVENDI wishes you the best of success!

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