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Handling and care of MOVENDI aligners – Information for your patients
  • Clean you MOVENDI aligners with cold water or with a tooth brush and tooth paste. Never use hot water!
  • Put the aligners into a glass of water or into your provided box while eating.
  • Avoid the consumption of products containing sugar or acids like lemonades or sweets during treatment.
  • When exposed to heat the aligner might lose its shape and consequently its effect. Therefore, do not drink any hot beverages when wearing your aligner.
  • Discolorations may occur on the aligner due to the consumption of cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine or ketchup. This does not have any effect on your treatment.
  • You have to wear the aligner at least 22 hours per day. The aligner is only taken out for the purpose of eating and brushing teeth. Only in this way can the aligner work effectively.

Important note:

Please keep all your aligners until treatment is finished. Wear your aligners at least 22 hours per day and comply correctly with the exchange intervals discussed with your practice.

In case of noncompliance, teeth might move back into their old position, your treatment result is compromised and your treatment time will get longer.

In case of loss or damage of an aligner, continue wearing your last aligner and inform your practice immediately.

At the end of MOVENDI treatment it is necessary to stabilize the tooth position (retention). MOVENDI retainers or retainer wires are suitable for this purpose. Seek consultation on that from your practice team.

Our recommendation:

We recommend all MOVENDI patients to clearly follow all instructions in order to get your desired beautiful smile as quickly as possible!

Your team of World Class Orthodontics / MOVENDI wishes you the best of success!
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